What am I doing differently? Why hire me? What makes me special I answer all of these questions on my about me page.

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I am passionate about websites, programming, app development, marketing, SEO/SEA, social media ads and much more for over 10 years

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What I'm Doing Differently?

Of course I’m now expected to talk about how unconventional I work and that I do everything very differently from the others. So yes, I work unconventionally and I do everything very differently, but instead of just talking about it and then bringing you a run-of-the-mill website, I decided to just show you.

Of course, I asked myself what is the best way to attract customers and give people something they need. And admittedly, finding it wasn’t all that difficult. It quickly became obvious to me that many agencies are not particularly different. An overview of their services, a free first contact and a presentation of their company and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just I thought there are also people who are looking for something unique, something worth spending money on

And what is worth spending money on? To build a normal website like everyone else, for an extremely expensive price and then to be able to say I hired a really unconventional agency, or well at least that’s what they said. I give you a whole new way to fulfill your desire for your website and your desire for the best marketing method and customer acquisition

You Can Achieve That With Marketing Solutions

Being Found

Be found in the search engine. Just give me a few search terms you want to appear under and we’ll see what we can do.

Target Customer

Target customers when they are looking for businesses like yours.

Improve Sales

Find out exactly how much money they make with advertising and calculate their prices efficiently.

Build Regular Customers

Make sure your customers don’t forget you, but come back to you

Online Website Configurator

Get an initial estimate of the cost and functionality your new website should have. Easily online and free in less than 2 minutes.

You Can Do That With Their Website

Provide Information

Keep your customers, employees and interested parties up to date. A website is the easiest way to make information available to everyone.

Generate Customers

A landing page works wonders when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. Try it.

Find New Sales Channels

The internet is big and the possibilities are huge. Find new avenues and new audiences you wouldn’t come across without technical analysis.

Find Employees

The right employees are important. Present your company and make it attractive for new employees and thus more growth.

Develop and Create Your Website

Take a look at individual website solutions and decide which of these best suits your needs.

The Work I've Already Finished

The importance of Marketing Agency for finding the best marketing solution for your business.

SEO Analysis

SEO strategy for IT company

Technical Audit

SEO plan for a financial agency

Technical Audit

Partnership SEO consulting

Keyword Research

Real estate SEO campaign

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